There are two ways of distributing my pictures – the one is Creative Common and the other is Copyright licenses.

How do I know which category I fall into?

All of my images are licensed under a Creative Common Commercial – Share Alike license, which allows you to use and distribute the image for personal purposes only.

What does this mean?

For instance if you want to use my image for your personal travel blog, to set it as a wallpaper on your personal computer or to simply share it with your friends. You are allowed to do any of the above, given you send me an e-mail to let me know or you mention my name and my website to your friends.

Copyright license takes effect when you want to use my work for commercial purposes.

How do I know when I fall into this specific category?

If your travel blog is used for advertisement, meaning you have banners on the website that make you money. If you use one of my images for a background of your firm’s website. If you wish to print my image and use it as a picture on the wall of your home.