Hello there, my name is Nikola Totuhov and I am an amateur photographer. The past 6 years I was lucky enough to live on the island of Santorini, a place that many people dream of visiting in their lifetime. I recently realized how many people would like to be in my shoes, so that they have the chance to take even a few pictures.

I had never thought of being a photographer for a living. I love photography, I admire other professionals’ good work and that is the reason I love taking pictures. However, I never intended to sell any of my shots. I only share them with my close friends who have been saying a lot lately…

“Why don’t you start selling what you create? Your shots are amazing!”

and so I decided to create a blog. A blog, whose purpose is to present the best of my work and if any of you wants to enjoy it personally, you can always purchase a postcard or a canvas from my online gallery.